Thursday, March 11, 2010


Yay!.Orgasmic.Go Me!.Ahh
OK OK...I took Yoga and loved.Hence the title of this post. My instructor "Lexie" Turned the lights out and started talking softly. My body instantly went into sleep mode and I started yawning and stretching. Initially I got past my fear of being an obvious novice. The fact that I was the only person of color singled me out too. But it was so Calm and relaxing/ Warrior poses were done on both sides of the body and we did some block movements. This got me hooked. I was so refreshed I stayed up past my normal 9'oclock bedtime. Still waking up on a natural high was pure bliss. I was suppose to go tonite but I needed some me time. Lets just say I haven't SLEEP that good in a while.

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