Thursday, March 11, 2010


Okay ....So I know people are reading my blog, besides my "Natural High BFF". So i'm back on BLOGGER...I kinda gave blogger his papers, welll competitors are so great! I tried Wordpress and because I have little to no knowledge of CSS code I was lost. SOOO I moved to TMBLR which I absolutely adored playing with the 1000s of layout choices, I spent a whole day being thrilled with the ease of uploading music and messing with the logistics of my page. Only to create my vision, and realize there was no room for comments. So I slept on it, I actually feel like ppl don't feel the need to comment on my blog. As lazy as I am about posting. Well I added Disqus a comment server. Disqus turned out to be a disaster. Reading the FAQs some Tmblr themes do not support the service. Of course my "took a whole day to make blog" was one of the themes. ..So Im BaCk.

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