Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring Wants

Spring Wants

The shit I tell myself

This is my wannabe haiku


Know your worth

I'm Doin Me #np

Deserve ...More

Growing pains - #6 #np

 shhh ends in silence ironic

s/n I love the song "In the morning" by Kelis- I close my eyes and pretend Pharell  is talking to me.


Red lights mean hot doughnuts

Cards say you are loved, you are invited

Hellos, and thank yous show appreciation

Phone calls mean thinking of you. . . . I need you advice I need your wisdom

Life has a few guarantees, I don't know what I can guarantee the people who have love/luv (there is a difference)
for me.

Its got me thinking sometimes I can guarantee a shoulder to vent on, a funny joke, a crazy memory, an honest opinion or a caring genuine spirit.

I try not to find validation for anything in anyone but subconsciously it happens.
I am me , I am  a giver, a pleaser, a mediator. But what happens when:
 I have none left to give
You take too much
My happiness doesn't penetrate your bubble
I decide not to take sides and my opinion matters less
I need you
What happens when I you can't guarantee me anything

Glad that God can guarantee me EVERYTHING

Friday, March 25, 2011

Whats in my cup?

Equal parts Sprite and Three Olives Purple!  My new fav!