Sunday, March 27, 2011


Red lights mean hot doughnuts

Cards say you are loved, you are invited

Hellos, and thank yous show appreciation

Phone calls mean thinking of you. . . . I need you advice I need your wisdom

Life has a few guarantees, I don't know what I can guarantee the people who have love/luv (there is a difference)
for me.

Its got me thinking sometimes I can guarantee a shoulder to vent on, a funny joke, a crazy memory, an honest opinion or a caring genuine spirit.

I try not to find validation for anything in anyone but subconsciously it happens.
I am me , I am  a giver, a pleaser, a mediator. But what happens when:
 I have none left to give
You take too much
My happiness doesn't penetrate your bubble
I decide not to take sides and my opinion matters less
I need you
What happens when I you can't guarantee me anything

Glad that God can guarantee me EVERYTHING

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