Saturday, July 10, 2010

All White Party

Must -Haves if  I was going to an all-white party.


With an unlimited budget :)


DRAKE, what an unexpected pandora stations are as follows: Anita Baker, Monica, Brandy, Eric Roberson, Janelle Monae, Solange....I thought Drake was just a know catchy young money dude. How wrong was I ? I saw bits of his "When I was 17" and gained a new respect for him. And his huslte, honestly I really like his CD.  It is absent of the overly sexist lyrics, apathetic emotions, and doesn't read like a excerpt from the wire. Hooray!! The beats are calm, too many I like all the songs. Im glad he's recognizing "fancy" ladies, instead of money grubbing hoes. Love the struggle about changing and being who he is now vs. who he was before the fame.

Heavy Rotation; Fireworks, Karaoke, Light it up

Tis the Season for weddings

This is the time of year for weddings. What to wear is always an issue. First off are there really rules? Some people say you can't wear white, or black. Well I  sayy it maybe a little impolite to wear white considering the bride. But if your going to you ex's wedding white it is!! j/k kinda....anyway here are a few looks that I would definately wear to a wedding. These are the types of place/themes I had in mind. Can you guess which dress?


  • Preppy spring outdoor wedding
  • After 5 
  • Traditional
  • Bohemian
  • Miami

Highatus (hiatus)

If you ever enjoyed a post i'm sorry I been gone so long.... Alot of new happenings going on in my personal and professional life. I also wanted a new layout for my blog. To no avail. ..My head has been swarming with plenty of new blog posts so im going to update a few today and a few in a couple of weeks. My internet is out so my time is limited.