Thursday, March 11, 2010

...Monica could've done this record justice.

Love Hurts........It damn sure does Nivea when you get married have twins by an upcoming producer only to go down SPLITSVILLE ALLEY...and have a baby by a tatted-up often high rapper only months apart from his other chic a beautiful WORKING actress...Love :So many people use your name in vain. Nevertheless heres the video:

I like the song though...The fur hood is killing me, all these baby daddies and you couldn't get a mink or a Maybach..or even a nice leather belt vintage maybe, Sheesh..And the I got these rhinestones in a pack of 40 from Jo-Ann Fabric, My cousin Peaches told me this ish was tight BODYSUIT..Looks like she found it in the Lost & FoUnD box @ Trina's School For Girls..Nuff said.

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  1. She cant be serious with this video. Come on!