Sunday, March 21, 2010

Offended much?

Original Article on Fox News
go figure

Is this artwork? Or such a harsh reality that it makes buppies offended? Are you that removed from urban reality or the depiction of it that you never met "cha-cha" or "Ray-ray's girl". Well.. I for one am not. Yes, I was raised in the semi/cityish (yes i made that up!) suburbs. But while I would love to celebrate a mural of Serena, Condolezza, and Mrs. Obama. But I even work in a school, that is of mixed population. I do see "Serena" coming to pick up little Grace with a business suit. However more commonly I spot "Lashay" coming to pick up "Sincere and Nasir" with 4-inch heels , jeans soo tight I know she was at the club last nite! You know with the black weave and purple extensions in the front. While I would like to say Only God Can judge them, the fact is that society has seen the image place out so often. It becomes the norm. So yes I love to see people of all races in a positive light. But this images are ReAliTy for someone. SN: Is it me or does everything "urban" appear to be "ghetto". Just wondering.

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  1. I think this art work is wonderful, but wait a minute. . its suppose to be an actual person?