Sunday, March 14, 2010


Two of my favorite celebrity couples have jumped ship! D-nice & Malinda are just newlyweds. I was really rooting for this couple. Especially after the way Mehki Phifer dogged her out years ago. (Google it!) Her wedding was fab, so was her shower hosted by G.Garvin..Well I hope they can work it out. The other couple I was rooting for was Monica and Rocko. I will admit to d/l I'mma do I really wasn't rooting for them to get married. Untilllll I saw the nice family structure they had going on. Via the Still Standing Show. They appeared to have such a strong family bond. I knew there had to be a reason she didn't marry him. I'm sure he was probably living in the shadow of her career somewhat. But really Rocko she stayed off the music scene for a while. So you could "DO YOU" I am really upset at how this is going to effect the boys. :( This is a classic case for my arguments against "Shacking UP".

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  1. Wow splitville uh? not cool. I honestly think Rocko looks crazy. . . . That has to hurt though. .being with someone for some time. Malinda just got married to this guy.. and Monic is suppose to be getting a house built with Rocko right. . hate how she calls her son little rocko. . dang let the boy have is own name..