Wednesday, January 13, 2010

i used to luv HYMN

Just ran across my not romanticising anything..
I remember I bought u that Drunken Monkey brand tee
Only b/c I saw it on jay-z…
Im not gon’ be writing no whole bunch of shit
Especially about you…whew!
You introduced m, no, .no seduced me on the Dwele album and
I romanced you on the ideals of Bilal..I was hoping we would find a way
Actually you found your way and I am so proud of you, yet I am still searching
Still growing ..sometimes shrinking, reminding myself that everything happens for a reason,
I once thought I was someone’s everything.. I don’t even know how to be that anymore
Doing whatever I want for me and only me isn’t working anymore, I wanna do things and come
home to a little smiling TWO smiling faces a big one and a little one…
ugh all this searching, maybe I’m using the wrong browser, my rose colored glasses are broken
repair is not my specialty and im too prideful to let just an ol’body fix them..

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