Monday, December 21, 2009


Were you the pre-teen who on her "13th" Birthday went to the mall with your mom and headed straight for the Lancome counter? WEllll Not me! Sorry I didn't get exposed to black eye liner til I was in college, well there was Prom. But anything that prevented me from falling straight to sleep without having to wash my face was IN THE WAY! Needless to say in my twenties I have discovered somethings about make-up.

1. Make-up wipes are heaven sent!
2. Ulta makes the best kohl liquid liner, there are some cheapies that are good too!
3. False lashes are an art, practice makes perfect.
4. Mineral eyeshadow and contacts are a double negative.
5. A smooth line of black on top or on my lower lash line makes a huge difference.
6. Not using moisturizer is a not an option.
7. My lips are too full for lipstick, tinted gloss will do.

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  1. Im loving the tips. . I am just the same when it comes to makeup. . I wasn't and still am not too heavy into it. I mean a little shadown and eyes done up is what I really only do. .