Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Self- Hate

Of course you've heard it before.. I've even told plenty of students this. People only talk about people to soothe their own insecurities. Ya ya blahh blahhh....The madness has got to stop. I can remember promptly uprooting from a predominately African-American neighborhood into one where I was the only black girl on the block. My neighbor was a year younger and Caucasian and he had a BOMB sandbox and tree house. So naturally I wanted to play. Oh sure I endured the ewww you talk white, you act white. I never understood, but as I get older I realize it is usually the small minded, sheltered environment people who subscribe to that form of thinking. I was simply adapting to my new digs! I had the same personality, we played together all the time so I took on his accent, just like I did in college with my southern roomates. I am the same person , just multifaceted.

Two of my favorite artists SOLANGE and Janelle Monae come to mind. Both have individual style and character. I'm sure they aren't running out to buy the latest trend. They appear to be non-conformist, well Solange used to conform..But I applaud her bucking the trend. But the is reality I don't have a nice chunk of change to fall back on. I'm like an singer with no sheet music choking on the notes , so I gotta CARRY MY BUTT TO WORK DAILY! And work requires that I conform at all costs.

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