Sunday, February 27, 2011


uggh ,LaTeLY I have been quite the "debbie downer"...
just plain lazy too!

On my days off I feel like my brain is at a complete stand still. I have no desire to be depressed, everytime I "snap" myself out of it. I go right back in?

Refocusing my energy elsewhere is not working...isolation is no longer my solace. But I kinda loathe being around even those I LOVE. I will get better..time will tell everything. Getting evaluated on my job, which in the past has been a wonderful experience. But I digress that I am not always the best ME I can be. Which stifles my productivity but I do what I can considering the things I have to work with.... off to find a moving company, go to the gym and work and find time to cook, and think about dating again.


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