Thursday, February 18, 2010


Gr1. Why is Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates,(The professor called a "monkey" by a cop, after being arrested for breaking into his OWN house.) Donating the HANDcuffs to a black museum exhibt? "I mean what did he do call some one up and say lemme get those cuffs"-Natural High *smh*

2.Olympics I must confess I am not really interested but There is a speed skater African American Shani Davis who won a Gold Medal for his sport. He is the 1st African American to win an individual title.

In other randomness

It has become quite a pet peeve of mine how people treat the elderly. Im sure plenty of people have encountered a stubborn or rude person with a few years under thier belt. Please they have been on this earth decades longer than you. If I hear one more person talk to thier Granny or Grandpa as though they are a homie on the street ! I'm gonna try not to slap them. As I type I see a fustrated Granny and her grandson. He is out moving around and playing as children do, but she is also telling he husband he is too busy. At her age she should not have to be bothered with Ray-Ray's child. But maybe she wanted him as many grand parents spoil thier grandchildren.....Ok the elderly rant is over.

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